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Intract Australia

Intract provides contract services to the mining, civil and general construction industries across Australia.

Intract Australia is a 51% Indigenous owned, managed and controlled enterprise delivering civil construction, building construction and building maintenance projects for clients across Australia.

It is recognised as a Certified Supplier for Supply Nation, Australia’s first Indigenous supplier diversity council.

Intract is one of the largest employers of Indigenous people in Australia with over 60 full-time employees that include project managers, engineers, site supervisors, plant operators, tradespeople, labourers and administrators. 85% of all our full-time employees are Indigenous people, many from regional and remote Indigenous communities.



Ballestrin Construction Services (Ballestrin) offers comprehensive concrete construction services to the building and civil industries.

Established over 50 years ago, Ballestrin has extensive project experience across all areas of construction from commercial works through to industrial and mining projects.

With over 70 experienced operators and project management specialists supported with the latest in concrete technologies, Ballestrin can deliver concrete construction and repair projects of all sizes, including small complex works in challenging environments through to monolithic foundation works for large-scale projects.

Ballestrin’s team is able to quickly mobilise resources to any location across Australia and complete complex works in short shutdown windows minimising delays to operational plant and facilities.


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Groundwater Treatment Solutions

Groundwater Treatment Solutions specialises in the treatment of contaminated groundwater and soil vapour.

Their team of engineers and scientists have extensive experience in treatment of a wide variety of contaminants in a range of different environments.

Groundwater Treatment Solutions have the specialised equipment, engineering workshops and in-house laboratory facilities to enable turn-key treatment services.

Their experience spans across a wide variety of industry sectors including petroleum, mining and resources, industrial and manufacturing, maritime, building and construction and agricultural.

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ResourceCo is one of Australia’s largest recycling businesses, accepting and processing over two million tonnes of waste per annum.

A fully integrated resource recovery business, ResourceCo operate state-of-the-art facilities that are able to manufacture a wide range of quality, recycled products from various material streams.

A core component of their business is in the production of alternate fuels from waste materials. All ResourceCo products are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines.

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SafeCheck specialises in project management and statutory inspections.

Their highly trained technicians conduct electrical appliance testing, lifting gear inspection and fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance in a single site visit.

SafeCheck’s highly experienced project management team specialises in small project management and execution.

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Railroad Transport

Railroad Transport provides rail and road transport services to all major Australian cities and attributes its growth to the longstanding relationships built over many years of dedicated service.

Railroad Transport’s fleet can deliver freight of any kind or size, including food, refrigerated goods, oversized loads, machinery and cars, along with most special requirements.

Their transport machinery includes road trains (B Triples and B Doubles), semi-trailers, side loaders, prime movers, delivery trucks, 30t straddle carriers, 2.5t to 45t forklifts including container handlers, 25t tonne hook lift trucks, rail and shipping containers, 45kL tankers and 100t low loaders.

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