Bradken Asbestos Roof Removal and Replacement

Project Overview

McMahon Services was contracted by Bradken to undertake the Asbestos Roof Removal and Replacement of the existing roof structure of the main foundry building at the Kilburn Steel Works in Adelaide’s Northern suburbs.

Bradken is a global supplier of consumable and capital products to international markets and Australia’s largest combined foundry and heavy engineering group.

Bradken supplies products to four market focused divisions including Engineered Products, Mineral Processing, Mining Products and Rail.

The Steel Works Foundry located at Kilburn in South Australia has an 18,000 tonne capacity per annum, producing products such as mill liners, crusher liners and crawler systems.

In addition to extensive asbestos removal and roof replacement, the scope of works included structural upgrades to six bays of existing roof framing from the main foundry building.

Over a two-month period prior to mobilising to site, McMahon Services carried out the surveying of existing structures.

A third party structural engineer was engaged throughout this process and worked collaboratively with our in-house surveyor to ensure precision measurements for shop drawings and final design of new roof trusses.

McMahon Services completed the entire fabrication of new roof trusses in our metal fabrication workshop facility in Dry Creek. Once fabrication was complete, the steel structures were transferred to a local facility to be blasted and painted before they were erected on site.

Prior to works commencing on site, McMahon Services notified all neighbouring residents, local businesses and community stakeholders with a letter drop advising of work hours and project scheduling.

A team of 30 full-time personnel worked seven days a week over a four week period to remove over 1,700m2 of asbestos sheeting, roof purlins, wall girts, glazed window panels and nine roof trusses in preparation for structural upgrades to the roof framing for future ventilation works.

The main challenge of this project was the requirement for all site works to be undertaken over the four-week shutdown of the foundry. This shutdown period also coincided with the Christmas and New Year period and some of Adelaide’s hottest summer days with temperatures peaking over 40 degrees during the final week.

Due to the extreme dilapidation of the existing roof, three cranes ranging from 60 – 250 tonnes with several custom designed manboxes worked simultaneously with eleven elevated working platforms to undertake the safe and efficient removal of asbestos.

Complete HEPA vacuuming of the internal foundry was undertaken to cleanup asbestos containing dust, and heavy metal containing dust from the furnace fume head.

Our highly experienced roofers then reinstated the roof sheeting, wall sheeting, and gutters. A new ridge ventilator was also installed, as well as high bay lighting and reinstatement of a new natural gas line.

Stringent quality control was carried out on the entire project with inspection test plans undertaken from design, fabrication and installation through to practical completion.

McMahon Services worked in partnership with Bradken on this high-risk project to achieve an outstanding result with zero impact to surrounding residential area and within the shutdown period.

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