We have the most all-embracing insurance cover available across New Zealand and Australia

As a truly multi-disciplinary industrial and environmental services provider, we deliver a wide range of specialised services including some of the most hazardous services in the industry.

In carrying out these activities we adhere to some of the world’s most stringent legal requirements, yet the very nature of our activities involve high risk.

Our approach to project delivery is to provide a complete risk management service which includes a comprehensive insurance program. As such we have purchased the most all-embracing insurance cover available in New Zealand and Australia to not only protect ourselves as contractors but also, where required, to transmit to our clients the benefits that we have secured by incorporating the client’s interests under the policies.

Insurance ClassLiability Limit
Combined General Liability (Excluding Asbestos & Demolition)$50,000,000
Combined General Liability (Asbestos Removal & Demolition)$25,000,000
Annual Contract Works$20,000,000
Contractor’s Plant & EquipmentVarious
Marine Transit Insurance$1,500,000
Professional Indemnity$20,000,000