Asbestos Removal and Remediation

We are industry leaders in the complete management of asbestos and hazardous waste remediation and treatment.

We have completed some of the largest asbestos removal projects ever undertaken across New Zealand and Australia. We hold all required licences in New Zealand and have purchased the most all-embracing asbestos insurance cover available.

Our expert team has completed thousands of asbestos removal, hazardous materials removal and environmental decontamination projects since our beginnings.

Our industry reputation has led us to work with authorities, regulatory bodies and governments to develop approved codes of practice and work procedures surrounding the safe removal of asbestos, still in use today.

McMahon Services is an A-Class asbestos removal contractor in New Zealand. Our team comprises of Class A qualified removal technicians who complete regular health monitoring programs every two years.

Our Capability

  • Commercial and industrial asbestos removal, both Class A (friable) and Class B (non-friable)
  • Project management of asbestos and hazardous materials
  • Removal of asbestos-contaminated dust
  • Removal of asbestos pipe lagging and re-insulation
  • Remediation of asbestos and other contaminants in soil
  • Fire and flood emergency response
  • Repair or encapsulation of asbestos lined walls and roofs
  • Removal and transport of waste to an approved facility
  • Hazardous waste removal, remediation and disposal including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mercury, lead, chemicals, hydrocarbons, mould, acid sulphate soils, radioactive waste, hexavalent chromium and biological hazards
  • Hazardous materials enclosure construction
  • Contaminated site remediation
  • Decontamination of air conditioning systems

Industrial Asbestos Removal

  • Power stations
  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Ports and other maritime premises

Commercial Hazardous Waste Management

  • Hospitals
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Universities and colleges
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centres
Do you have an issue with asbestos or hazardous waste material? Contact the expert team at McMahon Services to assist you with safe, cost-effective and innovative removal services and advice.

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