Diverse equipment network.

Local experts, operating and maintaining one of the largest international fleets of construction and demolition plant and equipment.

When you work with McMahon Services New Zealand, your deconstruction project benefits from our $140 million company-owned plant and equipment network. From dozers and excavators, to cranes and forklifts, we use only the best equipment to service projects all over Aotearoa.

We work hard to stay on the pulse in the demolition industry, continuously updating our fleet and upskilling our local Kiwi team on emerging technologies. Whether you’re in the city centre or in the midst of thick native bush, you can be sure your project will be serviced by the best team and equipment.

Our Capability

Highly experienced and verification of competency assessed operators

We have highly experienced operators for each plant item we own with the appropriate licences, tickets and verification of competency (VOC) assessments in place. Assessments include both verbal and theoretical questions and visual observation and demonstration, and cover work health and safety aspects of plant and equipment operation.

Custom-made plant and equipment

McMahon Services houses a full fabrication workshop dedicated to the development and advancement of custom-made equipment. Custom-made plant and equipment include a variety of demolition shears, booms, buckets, grabs and pulverisers and specialised civil construction equipment. Many models are fitted with Trimble GPS Tracking System and 3D Grade Control, and drilling and piling rigs.

Our Capability

Rigorous plant risk assessments and maintenance checks

All McMahon Services plant and equipment items undergo rigorous risk assessments to identify potential hazards associated with the plant. From here, risk elimination and mitigation strategies are developed for each risk and implemented where necessary.

Plant and equipment, where practical, designed to eliminate or minimise the risk of injury to any personnel using, cleaning or maintaining the equipment.

Plant safety engineered controls include compliance and adherence to the relevant statutory regulations, standards and codes of practices.

All plant operations are recorded in daily pre-start safety checklists and logbooks, which records any identified faults or defects. Critical faults or those that present a safety risk are withdrawn from service until repairs can be made.

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