Aboveground Storage Tank Removal at Horn Island Airport

Project Overview

McMahon Services was commissioned by ERM to undertake the safe removal of Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST’s) and related Fuel Infrastructure at Horn Island Airport, in Queensland.

McMahon Services were selected for this project based on extensive experience in undertaking hazardous area works, particularly in remote locations whilst maintaining industry best practice safety standards.

The scope of work included;

  • Mobilisation of 22 tonne excavator with demolition shears and general buckets, hook bin truck, site equipment container and site amenities to Horn Island via road and ferry;
  • Site establishment, involving the transport and set down of the excavator, site office building, equipment container, toilet and liquid waste Intermediate Bulk Containers into designated locations;
  • Set up of barricading and Heavy Equipment Exclusion Zones;
  • Removal of surficial bonded asbestos fragments from a small hot spot area on the north-west portion of the site. Appropriate PPE, exclusion zones and signage were put into place;
  • Undertake line location services, electrical identifications and isolations of remaining power to canopy;
  • AST’s associated pipework – pumps rinsing, cleaning and degassing works;
  • Liquid rinsing involving the use of appropriate bunding, collection and contaminant equipment. Cleaning works included the use of biosolve detergent and high pressure water blasting the inside of the AST’s;
  • Mechanical demolition of the AST’s using hardened steel and ripper demolition shears;
  • Processing of steel waste and cartage using hook bin truck to local landfill facility;
  • Removal of site services such as onsite septic and stormwater systems;
  • Removal of concrete hardstand using concrete hammer and ripper attachments;
  • Importation, backfilling and compaction of Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM) to make site level and flush;
  • Identification, excavation, rinsing and degassing of three hydrant fuel lines that extended off-site within the main airport runway;
  • Foam filling of the fuel hydrant lines and capping followed by backfilling and re-concreting;
  • Demobilise all equipment via ferry back to Brisbane via Cairns.

McMahon Services deployed a full time team of four personnel to complete the project. The remote location of the project presented the biggest challenge for the team.  Due to the location of the site on Horn Island, mobilising plant and equipment was difficult, this required extensive sourcing and liaison with ferry and road transporters to ensure resources were available, and that no delays were incurred. By maintaining clear lines of communications and safety core expectations throughout, McMahon services delivered a successful outcome for the client.

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