Carlton United Brewery Redevelopment

Project Overview

Demolition of 14 buildings, site remediation and removal of 25,000m3 of soil and rock.

The Carlton United Brewery Site was a unique project in that it was a 4.5 hectare site within the Brisbane CBD and adjacent to both Emergency Services (Fire Brigade Area Headquarters) and Carlton United Brewery’s Queensland Head Office.

The project involved:

  • Demolition of 14 buildings ranging from 2-storey structures to a structural concrete tank the equivalent of a 10 storey building located adjacent to a main thoroughfare
  • The retention of a 5-storey facade on Brunswick Street
  • Remediation and validation back to ‘former status’ of the entire site (4.5ha)

The remediation was an onerous task as it was undertaken on a guaranteed maximum quotation and involved:

  • Collating prior reports on site contamination
  • Excavating, testing and disposing of 5,300m3 of low level contaminated fill and 970m3 of high level contaminated soil
  • Validating the site to ‘former status’ as defined by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage to enable residential zoning

Bulk Excavation included:

  • Removal of 25,000m3 of soil and rock;The construction of plateaux and grades for future building works
  • Construction of sprayed concrete retaining walls and installation of rock anchors on a 2 – 6 metre vertical face toensure the continued integrity of both a roadway and 6-storey adjoining buildings

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