Gabion Wall and Stormwater Remediation Works

Project Overview

Power and Water Corporation provides electricity transmission and distribution and water and sewerage services across the Northern Territory, an area of more than 1.3 million square kilometres. Each year 65GL of water is sourced, treated and tested and is then distributed through more than 2100km of water mains and 1100km of sewer mains. 8500km of power lines and underground cables deliver electricity provided by from gas, diesel and solar generation. They also supply electricity generation services to 72 remote communities through its not-for-profit subsidiary, Indigenous Essential Services Pty Ltd.

A major facility for Power and Water Corporation is their Sadadeen Valley Complex which provides power and water for 25,000 residents in the Alice Springs area. McMahon Services were engaged by Power and Water Corporation to undertake the planning and delivery of erosion control at the laydown yards behind the Sadadeen Valley Complex. The erosion along the fence line to the laydown area and several large washouts had created trip hazards to the perimeter and had also compromised the security of the assets stored in the yard.

Scope of Work

McMahon Services delivered remediation works for the eroded soil walls surrounding the Complex, installed gabion baskets at various locations, and provided stormwater remedial works. This work included the excavation and application of concrete blinding layers to gabion footings, laying of geotextile fabrics, the installation of gabion baskets and stepped backs into the existing walls, upgrades to washouts in existing batters, and the application of blinding concrete to cap off works to align with existing ground levels.

The Complex remained operational at all times during the works. McMahon Services worked closely with Power and Water Corporation to ensure the staging of the works did not impact business operations or client traffic movements onsite.

Workforce peaked at ten and completed 2,000 work hours without incurring a single health, safety or environmental incident. One female and three Indigenous employees were on the project achieving a 20% Indigenous Participation outcome.

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